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Brayden Schenn suspended three games in 2016-17 for Oshie headshot

The NHL suspended Philadelphia Flyers forward Brayden Schenn three games to start the 2016-17 season for a high charge on Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie during Game 6 of their first-round playoff series

Washington eliminated the Flyers with a 1-0 win in the contest. The play happened late in the second period.

According to the NHL Department of Player Safety, “As Oshie makes contact with the puck, the backchecking Schenn approaches with speed and launches up and into his hit, making significant contact with Oshie’s head.” 

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The NHL also said Schenn did not go airborne simply because of the impact of the collision. He knowingly left his feet to make the play.

“Rather than staying low and delivering a hit through Oshie’s shoulder or chest, Schenn launches himself up and into Oshie, making substantial contact with Oshie’s head. Shenn’s elevation is evident as he remains airborne until he crashes into the boards,” the league said. 

Schenn was not penalized for the hit.

After the play, Oshie went off the ice and into the Capitals dressing room and missed the remaining 5:22 of the second period. He eventually returned for the start of the third period and played the rest of the game. TSN’s Darren Dreger pointed out that Schenn has a history of launching into hits.

“I haven’t seen it or anything,” Oshie said after the game according to the Washington Post. “I just kind of needed to take a breath there. It’s over. I don’t really care about it. It’s nice to move on.”

In 2013, Schenn was suspended one game for launching into defenseman Anton Volchenkov with a high hit. Schenn was also fined the same year for crosschecking Kris Versteeg.

Schenn is a pending restricted free agent, so the league could not release his fine total for the hit.  


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