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Jersey Fouls of the Week: The Bread Man of the Blackhawks

Photo via William C. Baum on Twitter

The end of the NHL’s regular season is this weekend. And what a season it has been with Jersey Fouls.

We’ve had political fouls for two Republican Presidential candidates, an Owen Nolan photo bomb in a foul about Raffi Torres, a traveling New York Islanders fan, who was constantly in our feeds, and lots of Connor McDavid fouls.  

In the last week of 2015-16, NHL fans picked up their jersey foul game. We had some more political fouls, a jersey honoring a rookie’s nickname, and yet another hilarious McDavid foul.

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Even though the year is coming to a close, we will continue to post hilarity from all across the hockey universe, such as the above Tampa Bay Lightning foul. (WilliamCBaum

If you want to submit, make sure to email us at or tweet to the hashtag #jerseyfoul. We’ll pick them up, and try to make sure to give credit where credit is due. We’ll throw them up on our Tumblr page!

5. A firearm foul 

A proud supporter of the National Rifle Association at an Arizona Coyotes game. (Al Seever)

Photo via Al Seever on Twitter

4. Colorado Avalanche/311 fan?

The Avs missed the playoffs for the second straight year. Not a lot to be positive about with them. (Louie

Photo via Louie on Twitter

3. Brian Elliott, meet Mike Liut

Trying to combine two St. Louis Blues goaltenders (past and present) on one jersey. (Joe Kennedy)

Photo via Joe Kennedy on Twitter

2. Artemi Panera Bread

Artemi Panarin’s nickname on the back of a jersey.

Photo submitted by email

1. Connor McGretzky

Related to Connor Gretzdavid? (Steve Brown)

Photo via Steve Brown on Twitter


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