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NHL conference finalists get Jimmy Fallon superlative treatment (Video)

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs move from the conference finals to the Stanley Cup Final, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon has returned for more NHL superlatives.

Members of the Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks and Tampa Bay Lightning get the treatment this time, with Valtteri Filppula and Victor Hedman among the players once again in the late night host’s crosshairs.

This was Hedman and Filppula’s third time being featured. The Lightning defenseman had won “Most Likely To Be Every Brad Pitt Character Combined Into One” and  “Most Likely To Be The Love Child Of Brad Pitt And Benicio Del Toro” previously.

Filppula can add this one to “Most Likely To Be Draco Malfoy If He Became a Hockey-Themed Wrestler” and “Most Likely To Spin Around In A Chair And Reveal His Plan While Petting A Hairless Cat.”

Poor Mirco Mueller. The 21-year-old Swiss defenseman will show everyone in about five years when his peach fuzz finally comes in.

Finally, whoever put together the headshots grabbed a very, very, very early one of Joe Thornton, who was featured a second time. We could only imagine Jumbo getting the “Reverse Bob Ross Award” had Fallon seen what his playoff beard has blossomed into.

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