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Penguins goalies, Jack Capuano and teams that use The Force (Video Mailbag)

It’s our semi-weekly Puck Daddy NHL mailbag, the Two-Minute Minor!

Among this week’s questions from the readers: 

- The Force is with which teams?

- Should Islanders fans be sad about Jack Capuano?

- Better Drew Carey or Bob Barker as PRICE IS RIGHT host?

- When will we see Marc-Andre Fleury again?

- What kind of contract is David Backes earning this playoffs? Can Blues afford not signing him?

These are the questions that Puck Daddy editor Greg Wyshynski faced in this week’s Two Minute Minor, courtesy of you, the dedicated puckheads. 

The Two Minute Minor is our biweekly look at the NHL. If you have questions for Wysh, email to or hit us on Twitter with the hashtag #AskWysh.


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