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Behold, the 400-pound limestone Stanley Cup (Photo)

It’s every hockey player’s dream to hoist the Stanley Cup, after surviving the most arduous tournament in pro sports to win it. 

But why should the struggle end there? Why should players merely have to lift 34.5 pounds of silver and nickel alloy above their heads?

How about a real challenge: The 400-pound limestone Stanley Cup!

Via Reddit

According to Redditor ‘neatwire,’ this replica Cup was commissioned by a customer but the shop made an extra one – hey, they’re huge Pittsburgh Penguins fans.

It weighs around 400 pounds, and a CNC lathe was used to make it. It’s made of Indiana limestone and currently sits outside of their office.

Alas, they didn’t have the gear to add details like names to the chalice. Also, we assume, they have lives to attend to, rather than spending hours using a machine to etch out ‘Trevor van Riemsdyk’ onto a limestone Stanley Cup.

Fantastic work, although we have our doubts on whether anyone will ever actually lift this Cup. In which case, we hope it eventually arrives at its rightful home in St. Louis.

s/t Reddit


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