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Michael Bisping calls Luke Rockhold anti-gay slur after UFC 199

Michael Bisping shocked the world by scoring a first-round knockout win over Luke Rockhold to claim the UFC middleweight title at UFC 199. And, for a moment, the heel persona that has followed the British fighter since debuting on season three of “The Ultimate Fighter” had been lifted.

But then came the post-fight news conference and a heated exchange between the new champion and the former champion ended with Bisping calling Rockhold an anti-gay slur.

After the news conference, Rockhold refused to shake Bisping’s hand and the verbal jabs came fast and furious. “Give your respect, don’t be a smug [expletive] about it,” Rockhold said. This caused Bisping to launch into a furious expletive filled tirade.

“Don’t get knocked out again [expletive]!” Bisping fired back.

UFC officials got between the two fighters before things intensified any further but Bisping was still incensed and continued to talk.Michael Bisping directed a homophobic slur at Luke Rockhold following UFC 199. (Getty Images)

“I [expletive] knocked you out twice now!” Bisping said in reference to his huge UFC 199 victory and a sparring session between the two that he’s referred to in the past. And then, as Bisping was walking away, he lobbed one last insult, which happened to be a slur.

“[Anti-gay slur]!” Bisping said before catching himself. “[Expletive], I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

This isn’t the first time that emotions got the best of Bisping and led to him using a slur toward an opponent. Back at UFC 127, Bisping is captured calling Jorge Rivera a “[anti-gay slur] mother-[expletive]” in a promotional video.

Bisping also responded to a Chael Sonnen tweet and called it “some pretty gay [expletive].” Back in 2011, Bisping reacted via Twitter to the news that Jason “Mayhem” Miller being arrested for simple assault and false imprisonment with the following:

“So Miller gets nicked for getting his sister in a headlock, but she escapes. 2 things, thats gay and I guess I don't worry about guillotines."

Clearly, this wasn’t Bisping’s first offense and it may not be his last. Perhaps he needs to clean his act up now that he’s finally become a world champion after a decade long wait.



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