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Hockey bet between Dallas, St. Louis zoos involves elephant poop

The Stanley Cup Playoffs bring out the rivalries in many cities. Sometimes those rivalries extend to off the ice. Sometimes they involve zoos and elephant poop.

OK, maybe they don't involve elephant poop all the time, but for the Dallas Stars-St. Louis Blues series, there’s definitely some of that involved. 

The respective zoos of St. Louis and Dallas agreed to a friendly wager on Twitter last week where the loser’s vice president would have to travel to the winner’s zoo, don a jersey and hat of the victorious team and shovel 250 pounds (!) of elephant poop.

The smack talk was in full effect prior to Game 1.

What a crappy bet.

This is a much better wager than the lame ones politicians involved themselves in during playoff series. We’ll send a basket of our best beer and food and you send a basket that represents your city! Boring.

Bravo to the St. Louis and Dallas zoos for finding a way to involve poop in a playoff series wager.

Stick-tap St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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