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Watch ‘I Ain’t Missing Eric Staal,’ one fan’s awkward video lament

“There’s a Zamboni running all over my frozen heart tonight …” 

If there was ever a song lyric written to perfectly capture a fan’s emotion about seeing his team’s superstar traded away and then returning to face that team for the first time … well, this probably isn’t it.

But this video from SportsChannel 8 in North Carolina – an offbeat online sports outlet – does seek to illustrate the internal struggle for Carolina Hurricanes fans who saw their franchise’s greatest star, Eric Staal, traded to the New York Rangers as he headed into unrestricted free agency.

With Staal and the Rangers in Raleigh on Thursday night, they’ve published a maudlin tribute to Staal, set to John Waite’s classic “Missing You,” called “I Ain’t Missing Eric Staal.”

Sample prose:

“And if Carolina never wins another Stanley Cup/

At least we’ll have one more than Washington/

But I ain’t missing Eric Staal/

Since he’s been gone/

Through trade.”

Lyrical content being what it is, this song is obviously carried by the angelic voice delivering those lyrics, showing the incredible range of an Ariana Grande, if in fact her range was limited to a half-octave and she had strep throat ...

Should be an interesting night as Eric Staal makes his return, with Carolina Hurricanes fans baring their souls and weeping profusely until he inevitably re-signs this summer.   


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