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9 Great Tips To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

Tips To Increase Alexa Ranking
Alexa is no doubt one of the best websites which provides almost the accurate analysis of your blog/website. After Google Page Rank, Alexa is given the highest priority by the famous web masters. It gives a glimpse of trust on a blog. It also gives a commercial value to a blog. When ever you submit your blog for Google Adsense or other advertising networks they also check the Alexa Ranking of your blog and if your blog meet their standardized rankings than they approve it else not. But Alexa ranking has no concern to do with the blog traffic it just gives the ranking and other analysis of a blog. So, today we are going to reveal some secret and best tips to increase your blog's alexa ranking.

1. Install Alexa Tool Bar

Install alexa toolbar on your browser and ask your visitors, friends to also install alexa toolbar in their browsers. This will effectively increase your alexa ranking as alexa only measures the hits that pass within their system.

2.Claim Your Blog

To get full control over your blog just claim your blog on, by this others will know that who manages and owns the blog and also helps you in better alexa rankings.

3. Add Alexa Widget To Your Blog

As we said earlier that Alexa measures those hits which pass through their system and its not so often that every visitor that visits your blog has installed alexa toolbar in their browser so its better to install alexa widget to your blog so that all the hits can be measured and your rankings can be made better on Alexa.

4.Quality Content Matters

Alexa also measures the bounce rate, page views and average time spent by the visitors on your blog. So, only quality, great and attractive content can force your visitors to stay long and even return for more.

5. Commenting And Backlinking

Comment on other blogs within your niche and link your blog their. This will give you quality backlinks and will increase your alexa rankings eventually as they also measure the backlinks of a blog and so your alexa rankings also depends on the backlinks.

6.Update Your Blog Regularly

We strongly recommend you to update your blog regularly if you want to see a dramatic increase in your alexa rankings. If you will not update your blog regularly, your ranking will go down and it will become very hard to bring it back.

7. Social Media Is Important

Share your posts on social networking websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter because they not only bring lots of visitors to your blog but also increase your alexa rankings.

8. Invite Bloggers And Tech Related Guys!

Try to invite and bring more and more bloggers and techy guys to your blog because guys related to these fields must have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers and if they visit your blog, your blog's alexa ranking surely increases quickly.

9. Write A Review On Alexa About Your Blog

Write a good review on Alexa about your blog and also visit your close friends to write reviews regarding your blog on alexa because it will attract more visitors and also your rankings on alexa will increase.

Final Words!

So, these were some great and quality 9 Tips To Increase Your Blog's Alexa Ranking. We hoped you liked the article and also understood it well. Please do subscribe us for more :). Happy Blogging!


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