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Get High PR Backlinks To Increase Organic Traffic

High PR Backlinks
High PR Backlinks - Tell me the name of any blogger or webmaster who don't want this thing ! It is always wanted by every blogger that he/she should achieve a lot of High PR Backlinks which help us a lot to increase the Google search organic traffic. Newbies and Pros are trying different methods to get backlinks from high page rank blogs which are also shared on many blogs and some of them also give long list of high page rank blogs by which we can generate good backlinks. But Today, In this post, I'm going to share the unseen, secret and unique idea for building high PR backlinks.

What Are High PR Backlinks?

Some of you newbies might don't know that what actually high pr backlinks are? Then let me clear this which will help you to understand this guide better. First of all, let me tell you about backlinks. Incoming links to your blog/site from other webpages are known as backlinks OR those links by which a visitor can land from one site to another site are also known as backlinks. Now, let's talk about PR. Actually, PR stands for Page Rank. It's Google Page Rank - An algorithm by Google which is being used by Google to rank websites in its search engine. Google gives page rank in total 10 points and it depends on the backlinks [external incoming links] which your blog have. Now, High PR Backlinks means, those backlinks which your blog is having from high page rank websites. Got it?

How High PR Backlinks Helps To Increase Search Traffic?

Now, you might want to know that how these high page rank backlinks actually helps to grab more search traffic from Google then let me explain it. First of all, you will go to any high PR blog and will generate a backlink to your blog through commenting or guest posting. Once, if the link is live on that blog or site then when the search engine's robots will come to crawl the new content then in the process, it will reach to your backlink and will think that the high PR blog is pointing backlink to another small blog. And after that, it will note your backlink which will help you to get good rank in search engine. Simply, after noting your link, Google robots will rank your post higher according to their own decisions. 

How To Get High PR Backlinks?

So, here is now it's time to get started with the step by step in which we'll learn that how to obtain backlinks from high page rank blogs/sites. Here we're going to some tools which will help us to identify the high PR blogs and also the relevant niche. After that, we're going to get backlinks from them. Let's get started.

Download and Install SEOquake

First of all, we need to install this tool - SEOquake because it will help us to identify the high PR websites.

Step #1 : Finding High Page Rank Blogs and Websites

After installing the SEOquake plugin, we're ready to do the process. We will also make use of DropMyLink tool to find the relevant niche or related niche blogs and SEOquake will help us along this tool to find the high PR blogs.

  • Go To Drop My Link
  • Type any keyword which should be relevant to the niche.
  • Select any option in the Find field.
  • Press Search button.
Now, A new tab will open in which Google search will open automatically. In the search results, you will see that kind of webpages which will be related with the keyword which you typed in the DropMyLink. So, It means, we've found the relevant content by this. In order to identify the high PR webpages, you will see the SEOquake bar below every result. It will show the PR in the number in that row. So, by this you can easily check the Page Rank of every page. Now, first step is done about finding the high pr blogs. Let's jump into the next step.

Step #2 : Making Backlinks From High PR Founded Blogs

  • Open some webpages or blog posts which may have high page rank.
  • Scroll down to the bottom at comment system.
  • If the system is having CommentLuv form then post a comment there.
Tips : If there is CommentLuv comment system in that high PR blog then start leaving a comment there. First of all, Type name, email, URL [Paste blog URL] and try to type the good comment. You should make the comment longer as more as you can which will help you to get that comment approved or being safe from spam comments.
Guest Post : If you don't want to do commenting for high pr backlinks then you can also do guest posting in order to get quality backlinks. Simply, search for "Write For Us" page there in that high page rank blog and read the guidelines given there. After that write the good guest post which should be suitable for that blog and submit it. If the guest post is approved then you can get dofollow backlink from there which is more powerful then comment backlink.

Was That Useful ? 

So guys, that was how we can get high PR backlinks but it will require hard work as they will give a lot of benefit. Please leave your comment below and also tell us that was it useful or not! I hope this is going to help you all in getting more backlinks as it is necessary until your blog is live and we should build them regularly in order to get good search traffic. Facing any problem? Feel free to post it below in comments. Take care!


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