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Make Money with Passive and recurring income affiliate programs

     Make money online with passive and recurring income affiliate programs. What kind of programs should you promote to then sleep and watch revenue growing passively?

Make Money with Passive and recurring income affiliate programs

Do you imagine getting a money machine at home? A machine that generate money for you each and everyday… isn’t awesome? Cherry on cake, it is possible. That money making machine can be your computer. You can make money with passive and recurring  income affiliate programs. Get paid real cash daily, weekly or monthly.
Recall that passive income does not mean gift. You do not keep working hard, but you must complete the task once. Then, sleep, forget it and watch your revenue growing. Such programs exist to earn money whatever your fields of interest; and you’ll find residual income affiliate programs whatever your preferred payment method:
  • Direct transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Western Union
  • Skrill
  • etc…
On the internet, affiliates programs are paying two ways. Either you get paid once ( Cost per action, cost per sale) or you get paid recurring payment, also called residual income. This post is about recurring income affiliate programs; What kind of programs pay recurring revenue? Where to find recurring programs to promote?
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Why recurring income?

First, it is because it is recurring. You don’t have to worry about getting paid for that the current month. You earned $2000 the last moth; but it is all spent. You have to work hard again to earn for this month.
With residual income affiliate programs, you can expect monthly, weekly, or daily payment. Then, when recurring affiliate program requires sale, you can earn money with no sale for a particular month. Your past customers still make you recurring income without selling anything new.

Make money online with recurring income affiliate programs.

To earn huge money through recurring income affiliate programs, you need to promote the best kind of products. The programs paying repeated payments are programs where recurring fees are charged to referred members; or where referred members keep earning day after day, month after month. So, they are mostly membership sites, services sold, etc… In, therefore, the referred member has to be active to make you earn. We’ll list recurring revenue affiliates programs by category with description so you can make your choice. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list.

Affiliate tools

  • viewbix: Earn 30 to 40% on first payment and then 10% recurring income lifetime. It is a video tool that allow you to make video interactive by adding links, newsletter signup forum, social sharing and following buttons.

Web Hosting services

Web hosting services allow you to promote their services and earn revenue. You earn flat rate or recurring payment according to plan purchased by your referred member. Some web hosting programs allow you to create your own coupons codes and drive customers. Here’s some reputed web host where you can quietly refer your friends; you’ll also earn recurring money as long as the customer like the service.
  • WebFaction: Earn 10% each month from your referred members bills!
  • DreamHost : dreamhost is a reputed web hosting company. It offers premium quality hosting and have a dedicated version of WordPress called DreamPress. Make $97 per referral or 10% recurring and $5 for each referral your referral get. Thay pay $20 minimum by PayPal to affiliates. 

Freelance Marketplace

Make money online working at home with freelance programs. Earn extra money by referring your friends. Get paid recurring payment; as long as your referred member earn jobs, you earn money.
  • Freelancer is the world most popular freelance marketplace. Get paid completing hourly and fixed pricing jobs. Refer you friends and earn 10% from their jobs and projects for 90 days. Get paid weekly at $30 minimum Payment through Skrill, Payoneer and wire.
  • SeoClerks is a micro freelance marketplace where you get paid from small task. Refer your friends and get paid lifetime 10% recurring income from your referred members revenue. Get paid through Western Union, PayPal and Payoneer.

SEO, Social Medial and web analytic services

Social network is one of the most active daily task. It is used everyday by all kind of users. Marketer use it to promote products and build relationship; simple users connect with friends and have fun. They are so much popular that everyone need tools to manage their social media accounts. Here’s special programs come where you can earn recurring revenue for referring users. Also, to increase search ranking, a lot of paid tools nominate the SEO marketplace.
  • Scribe SEO: It is a wonderful tool to optimize your website for search engine. Promote it and get 33% residual income from your referred customers. Use it to higher ranking on search results listing.
  • HootSuite: HootSuite is a multiple social account management tool in one dashboard. It has a free plan and allow affiliates to make 15% recurring income for 12 months.
  • : promote this product, get 50% on first payment and then 10% recurring. It is a conversion tracking and analytic tools. Track your organic and ad campaigns.
  • SocialOomph: It is an awesome 40% recurring revenue affiliate program. Plus get paid 5% from referral revenue. It is a social tool to schedule post, get social insights, and monitoring multiple account in one dashboard. It has a free plan you can test today; and it support LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook and RSS.
  • snapshot publisher: 15% recurring income for 12 months. Collect information, create content, publish anywhere. Forget it, then , track and measure.
You can promote products with free trial. So, when you refer the user, you earn nothing but users have time to test program, like it and purchase plans. Free services like freelance marketplace and money making programs convert better.
residual income unlocked
Make passive money online with recurring affiliates programs. Unfortunately, i can’t cover each field of interest in a single article. I hope this article will guide you making choice of best programs to earn extra income online. If you want more income from residual income promotion, join shareasale or clickbank and search for residual affiliate merchants’ products.


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