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Get current Nepali time

Get current Nepali time

Here are some format that you can use Nepali time and date to show on any website by getting code from below. You can change the font size and font color to match on your website, however the default font size and color are set to best match on your websites. If you wish to change, it can be found inside the code and it's denoted by "font_size=12" for font size and "font_color=333333" for font color. Where 12 is default value for font size and 333333 is default value for color. Also you can play with the iframe height and width, however the default values are set to be best fit. One more thing, the time and date is independent of clint computer. It takes the time and date form server and converted to Nepali time and date
Get the code for Nepali Time

Copy this code and paste anywhere in your webpage where you want to display Current Nepali time.

Format 1 Time and date static two line
Format 2 Time and date dynamic two line

Format 3 Time and date dynamic single line

Format 4 Time and date dynamic single line

Format 5 Time only dynamic single line

Format 6 Date only single line

Format 7 Date only single line without B.S text

Format 8 Time and date only dynamic single line

Please do not forget to provide link to ourwebsite. This will be awesome help for me. Thank you
Sample for Nepali Time according to the code from left. It may look like as follows in your website. You can change font color and size inside the code.


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