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Add Google Analytics in The Blogs

Google Analytics may be a platform created with the aim of serving to trace the amount of visits and page views on the blogs, that additionally uses many filters to envision specifically from wherever the guests area unit coming back via custom reports.
As Analytics is an element of the range of Google tools like Blogger, several bloggers still do not know if it's doable to feature the chase code in Blogger. Implementing analytics in Blogger is extremely fast and simple, thus you do not got to be consultants or internet developers. Here's a tiny low guide for putting the Google Analytics chase ID on the blogs.
Google Analytics is that the leading free tool that features a sensible relationship with the net promoting and offers suggestions and enhancements or edges for our web site.
Using google analytics on blogger is one of the best techniques to track the visitor’s flow in the sites and blog.

If you have already a google analytics account, it is good because you don’t need to make other account. If you do not have to make one.

  1. Go and sign up with your google account.
  2. After signing in into account, you should go to admin>>property.
  3. Click the menu >>create new property in which you should enter the website.
  4. Then click on the “Get tracking ID. After that you will be provided a codes which you will copy and paste it into the blogger template.
  5. Go to the blogger dashboard>>template>>edit html and find the </head>, then just paste the provided codes above it.
  6. Finally you save the template.

You have successfully done. You will see the first statistics of your blog in Analytics.
Thank you.


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