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9 Quality Tips To Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

How to increase Facebook Page Likes
Well, no one should have doubt that Facebook is among the largest social networking websites. People use it to get in touch with their friends and family. Its also a great and vital source for bloggers to drive traffic from Facebook to their blog. Most of the bloggers have Fan Pages regarding their blog on Facebook through which they update their Facebook fans about their blog and also get bundles of traffic but What If you don't have enough likes on your Facebook Fan Page ? This is surely going to be a problem because if you don't have good likes on your page, you can't receive good traffic from Facebook. So, in this tutorial we will reveal some quality and proven tips to increase likes of the Facebook Fan Page Of Your Blog.

1. Insert Facebook Like Box Widget In Sidebar

Adding Facebook fan page like box in your blog sidebar can become a huge source for increasing likes on your Facebook page. Because if people visiting your blog really like your content, they will surely like your Facebook page to stay updated on Facebook.

2. Popup Like Box Also Works Efficiently

Popup boxes are really annoying to some visitors but at present time such popup boxes are also released which appear only one time to the same IP address. So, using that much well programmed popup box as the like box on your blog will not be a bad deal. So, by using Popup Like box on your blog you can convert your each single visitor to a Facebook Fan Page.

3. Invite Friends

After creating a Facebook Fan Page, do have a look at it and start inviting your friends to like your page. After inviting them, all of them will get invitations through which they will like your page and its likes will increase.

4. Comment On Other Pages 

This is a very nice and very effective trick. You can comment the link of your Fan Page on the posts of the pages which higher likes. In this way, the people there will see your comment and like your page and become members of it. But keep in mind this trick also annoys some of the page admins so, don't do it too much that they could ban you from the page.

5. Promote Your Facebook Page

If you have a little money in your pocket than you can also go this way. Facebook charges you a little dollars and show ads of your Facebook Page to different users through which they come and like your page. In this way you can get a lot of likes through Facebook Promotion.

6. Beautify Your Page With Logo And Cover

If you are expert at Adobe Photoshop you are required in this job. Design an attractive Profile picture along with the cover photo regarding your blog and upload them to your Facebook Fan Page. If you are not good at Photoshop, you can also hire someone but the logo and cover should be attractive and eye catching. In this way people who will visit your blog, will visit your Facebook Fan Page and if they got impressed by it they will surely like it and also share it to stay updated directly on Facebook.

7. Update Your Page Regularly

Updating your Facebook Fan Page regularly can bring you quite a lot of targeted traffic. Try to share informative stuff on your page and always share the link of the new post of your blog. 
When ever someone will like the post on your page, his/her friends will also get informed and its most likely that they will also visit and like your page.

8. Invite Email Contacts And Email Subscribers

If you have a good number of email subscribers for your blog which get updated and are also the loyal readers. You can send them invitations along with your personal email contacts to come and like your page. For doing this just make a fresh list of email subscribers and your personal email contacts then go to the admin panel of your page and select "Invite Email Contacts" And put the list there and send invitations to all of them. 

9. Giveaways Can Give You More Likes

Offering something and getting something in return is not a bad deal at all. You might have heard of offering giveaways. These are offered for several purposes such as to boost up traffic, increase email subscribers, increase Facebook likes, twitter fans etc. You can offer anything expensive and precious related to your niche otherwise cash can do the job for every niche. It will be a contest in which each participant will like your page, follow your blog on twitter, subscribe to your blog and will share it. The participant will be given specific points for every action and the participant with most points will be the winner. In this way, you can get huge likes in addition with subscribers and twitter followers.

Last Words!

So Guys ! that was all about how you can increase Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page effectively and quickly. We hope you got all the points set in your minds. If you have any queries please do share with us by commenting below, we will try our level best to reply you as soon as possible. Happy Blogging!


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