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Best Free Reseller Hosting Company in The world

Best Free Reseller Hosting Company in The world


Hello friends, now-a-days in internet if you search "free reseller" you will find so many unimportant sites. Today i will going To tell the exact free resellers  companys that allow you to create your own hosting site.
These are described below,

  • Host unlimited clients and domains
  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • Multiple cloud based servers!
  • Over 1000+ IP addresses
  • Ability to provide free and paid hosting
  • Free plan is perfect for startups!
  • Upgrade to VIP and SuperVIP anytime
  • The best value-for-money ratio on SuperVIP plan
  • Abiltiy to get VIP upgrade for free
  • 3 business plans that really work
  • Earn by offering paid hosting upgrades
  • Earn from advertisements
  • Earn by selling links and traffic

  • Earn money from providing free hosting
  • supports and scripts
  • 10Gb disk space and 100 Gb bandwidth for each customer
  • Absolutely exclusive
  • Your company home page
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Add your own advert codes
  • Free script installer
  • Free site builder
  • Free branded control panel
  • Free support System
  • White Leveled Nameservers
  • Unlimited Mysql Disk Space
  • Customise and Upgrade
  • Earn Comissions On sales
  • 6 year Leading
  • First class services
  • A real Money Maker

  • A Comprehensive product portfolio for your customer and resellers
  • A ready made, white leveled website for your customers and reseller
  • Multilingual white labeled Control panels For you and your Resellers
  • Complete business  process Automation
  • A comprehensive api for seamless intrigration

  • Resell under your own brand with complete automation and without to buy expensive hardware and care for 24*7 customer support
  • No buying in advance
  • website and wallet
  • Unique reseller Program
  • Free and paid professional shared web hosting services
  • XEN/VPS cloud Enterprise grade hosting Solutions
  • Domain names, SSL certificates, easy to use website builder

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If there is another  free hosting company please let me know in comments. thank you.


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