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How To Build Good Blogging Relationships?

Everyone has a group of friends, relatives, and neighbors in real life that they connect with on a regular basis. Having personal relationships helps make a person successful. The same is true with a blogging network.

In the business of blogging, having a support group of other bloggers is essential to make money on the internet. Building these relationships will take time more than anything, but there are ways to build these relationships up to help your blog roll along smoothly.

Connecting with other bloggers is a great way to promote each other's blog and bring in more traffic to both your blog and your online blogging friend's web page. So, how do you establish relationships online?

Start your relationships with bloggers that have similar blog themes or ideas. They should have the same level of blog that you produce. You can push and push to get an A-lister to make a link to your blog but it most likely won't happen if they are a bigger web site than you are.

The first step is to take your time. You shouldn't jump the gun and ask to trade links, but take it a little slower. Leave a few comments on their page so that they become familiar with your name or title.

Another important key is to make yourself stand out among the other bloggers. You can use admiration and generosity when commenting, and you can even ask for a little advice on a particular topic. Asking a question is a great way to get them to respond to you and to help them get to know you better.

As you approach the blogger about swapping links you may need to point out that your blog themes are similar and that it would benefit both of you. Don't act like you just think it would be fun or exciting, let them know you are in it to help each other make a little more cash.

Another tip is to connect with your new blogging friend on other levels besides your similar blogs. Ask if they have any other networking sites they use, use as an instant messenger, twitter, or facebook. This way you can connect on a more personal level and have actual conversations instead of leaving comments back and forth.

Don't expect a friendship to develop overnight. There will be some online relationships that take off and work wonders and there will be others that have to be nourished time and time again in order to seal the deal.

Remember that you must choose your blogging friend relationships as seriously as you choose your real friends. Posting too many links on your page will only show them that you will accept anyone and anywhere just to get your name out there.

Always be honest and professional when working with other online friends and they will learn to trust you. The same works both ways. You don't have to feel obligated to trade links with a blog much smaller than yours or an online blogger that doesn't treat you with respect.


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