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Amazing Tips To Increase Google Page Rank

Increase Google Page Rank
On 6th December, Google suddenly shocked us by releasing Google Page Rank Update after the 10 months. In this update, many bloggers and webmaster got increase in their page rank and they got a different page rank of their blogs. In other side, there are also some bloggers whose page rank is decreased in this update and some of them not even done movement and they are as they were before the update. There are many benefits of having high page rank such as a quick index in Google, better position in Google SERP, more guest post submissions and many more. In this post, I'm going to share some amazing tips which will help you Increase Google Page Rank. Let's start studying these amazing tips.

1. Create Unique Shareable Content

As I've been always saying that "Content Matters Alot" here in the page rank situation content also matters now. You should create unique content on your blog which should not be seen by anyone on the internet. Unique content that should be loved by Google and you can get Google love your blog content by following Google's better search engine optimization guides. Unique content that can help you to get higher traffic from search engines, getting good position in Google SERP, people will share it on social networks by which you're getting backlinks, increase google page rank and many more. If the content is best then people will love to link-back it to their blogs, social networking and bookmarking profiles which will help you to increase page rank.

2. Get High Page Rank and Quality Backlinks

If you want to increase your Google page rank then you need to build quality and high page rank backlinks for your blog. A high page rank backlink can be equal to 50 backlinks from 0 or N/A websites. Another thing you've to note in your mind is that the webpage which is having backlinks of your blog should be relevant and have related topic with your blog. In other words, you can say that you've to get backlinks from such webpages which should have same niche of your blog. Otherwise instead of increasing page rank, your blog traffic can go down because that's irrelevant backlinks. Your blog will be penalized in the Google Penguin update if you've irrelevant backlinks. A few days ago, I'd shared the best method to get high page rank backlinks so read it now.

3. Publish Some Guest Posts

As you may know that page rank mostly depends on the backlinks of a webpage and for that we need to make some quality backlinks for our blog. Guest posting is one of the most famous, proper and effective way which gives several benefits. If we look for quality backlinks then guest posting is perfect for us. You should try to publish several guest posts on high page rank blogs. Before giving guest post to any blog, you should check that the blog must have good page rank and other rankings like Alexa, DA, PA etc. Yeah! Guest posting will require some hard work and time. In each guest post, you'll get one or two dofollow backlinks towards your blog. If the posts are published on high page rank blogs then it'll surely help us to increase google page rank.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is also popular these days to boost backlinks, page rank and traffic of our blog. So you should also start bookmarking your blog posts on several social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites allow you to add any blog post, web page (which may have special content) in their directory. They also approve and deny submissions with open eyes by human beings so you need to be careful while submitting blog posts. Choose such posts for submission which should be popular, unique and have great content. While doing a submission, try to make a difference between yours and social bookmarking submission post. I'm talking about Post Title, Image and Description. Once the posts are published then you'll get good high page rank backlinks which will help you to get good PR.

5. Do Regular Posting

Another tip to boost page rank is that you should do regular posting on your blog. That also depends on the content type, content length and niche of your blog that how much gap there should be between posts. But if you publish posts over very short time then there is a big benefit for you. At least you should try to publish a single post every day which is enough. With regular posting, you should also take care of content quality so don't lose content quality try to publish unique and unseen posts only. When you do regular posting, your blog readers will get to enjoy with fresh content, Google will also crawl your blog more and there is also chance of increasing google page rank.

6. Link Exchange

This is the oldest technique which still works perfect for increasing Google page rank. You can contact some bloggers who should have similar niche blog like you have and ask them to do a link exchange with you. Try to contact only those blogs which should have good PR already and also should be popular. If he/she accepts link exchange then send him/her your blog URL for implementing your blog link in his blog. Also take care of anchor text which should be related to the webpage title of that URL. If he/she has implemented your blog URL then he/she will also send his/her blog URL which you've to insert in your blog. That's called link exchange which will help you to increase backlink, getting traffic and also increasing google page rank.

7. Improve Internal Linking

This is the most easiest and best tip for increase the Google page rank of our blog. You should try to improve internal linking of your blog. That can be done by many methods. Adding related posts widget, popular posts widget, recent posts widget, proper navigation menu and linking old posts in newer posts are the most famous methods to do proper internal linking. The most important thing that you need to do always in that linking the posts of your blog with each other. If you've text content then try to find some phrases like "Increase Blog Traffic" and you've written about that topic previously then add that post link in that phrase anchor text. The more you internal link, Google will more crawl your blog posts and chances are higher of increase page rank.
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8. Never Give a Try To Illegal Method

At last, I would like to suggest you to do not go any illegal method for increasing page rank. There are several illegal methods which you'll get but don't go with them. You know, Google is much clever than us these days and we should not even think of applying any illegal method. Even with that method, Google page rank will be increased but after when Google will catch you, your blog will directly be banned by Google and all the efforts go in waste. So, try to use legal methods always in blogging.

Final Words

These were some amazing tips which will help everyone to increase Google page rank and I hope this article is going to be helpful for every reader. Try to work on each tip which are provided above and then there are chances to get really high page rank. Please share your views about this in the comments and also share this with your friends. Take care till the next post and Best Of Luck Of Page Rank.


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