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Earn Money By Hosting Giveaways on Your Blog

Make Money Sponsoring Giveaway on Blog
These days, it's a dream of every blogger to make a big income monthly with his/her blog. We've shared many methods to monetize your blog such as make money with Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Ads Network, Web Hosting Affiliate Programs, Email Subscribers List, Web Design and Development etc. but today I'm going to share another method for you. You guys might have heard about hosting giveaways on your blog but ever thought that a person can make money by hosting giveaways on his blog? So, in this article, I'll show you that how can we earn money by hosting sponsored giveaways on your blog.

Basic Process Of Offering Giveaways on Blogs

Those who are new to this thing "Hosting or Offering Giveaways on Blogs" can have a read in this passage to know more about it or basically I'm going to explain that what is its process especially for newbies. Let's suppose If I have any special thing like any premium product and I want to give that for free to any one of my readers but whom should I give that product? So here we make a contest in which every reader can participate to win the product. In this kind of contest, every contestant needs to promote the blog in which the giveaway runs and for that contestant can do social promotion like sharing blog on Facebook, Twitter and many more. For each action, a contestant gets points. It means the more you promote, the more points you'll get, if you've more points, you've a chance to win the contest. So, At last, a winner is that who has the most points and winner gets the premium product. All this process is done by automated generator like counting points, generating referral links, social promotion tips and many more. This also helps the blog owner to increase the traffic and get popularity in very less time. 

Get Paid By Hosting Giveaways on Blogs With Giveaway.Ly

So, if you're known to the basic process of hosting or offering giveaways on blogs then you'll not feel any problem in understanding this process. Let's start the process step by step.

Step 1. Apply For Giveaway.Ly and Get Approved

The first step is very simple and it is that you've to apply your blog on Giveaway.Ly. So, go on that site and create an account their. Remember this point that you must make Blogger or Publisher account and don't choose Advertiser account. Creating account is easy but getting approval can be difficult. Activated your account by verifying email. Now, add your blog into your Giveaway.Ly account. While adding blog there, try to write a good description and also choose good keywords. After adding your blog, it's also important to Verify Analytics which will help advertisers to know better about your blog traffic. So, don't miss this thing. So, now you've applied your blog and it can take up to a week to review your blog and approve or deny it.

Step 2. Get Sponsored Giveaways and Accept or Reject Them

Once your blog is approved by their team and you're ready to go with them. When your blog is approved there, it will be listed in their directory. Now here it is important to have high traffic in order to make huge money from it. From here, any advertiser can choose your blog to run his/her giveaway if your blog traffic fulfills his/her needs. Simply, You'll start getting sponsored giveaways and it's yours to accept or reject any giveaway. You need to be careful in accepting any giveaway because it matters a lot. Try to accept the most relevant giveaways with your blog niche and the giveaway prize should also be liked by your readers which will even help advertisers get a huge audience.

Step 3. Make Giveaway Live on Your Blog 

If you've got the most relevant giveaway with your blog niche and accepted it then it's time to make give away live on your blog. At this moment, you'll get "Giveaway Widget" code which you've to post in your blog. Simply, make a new post about that giveaway in which you've to describe the contest rules, guidelines and the process of giveaway contest. But here is one thing changed from usual, the promotion which the contestants need to do will not your blog promotion but that promotion will be for an advertiser like following advertiser on his social networks and visiting his blog or site. It means the promotion will be for Advertiser that's why someone will want to host his giveaway on your blog and he'll pay you for it. As the contest starts getting more participators, The advertiser will be getting more audience.

Step 4. Announcing Winner and Giving The Prize To Winner

So the giveaway contest is over now, everyone might have enjoyed the contest for winning the prize and its time to announce the winner and sending giveaway prize to the winner. In Giveaway.Ly, you'll get known that who is the winner and who has made most of the high points. So you can edit that Giveaway post and make announcement in that post that is who is the winner. If there is any notification bar in your blog then you can also announce through it that who is chosen as the winner of the giveaway. And there will be opting in Giveaway.Ly dashboard to send him/her the giveaway prize if there is not any option then you can do it manually. Once the winner gets his prize, The giveaway ends here.

Step 5. Cashout Your Money

So it seems like the giveaway is over now and you're ready to cashout your money. So, Advertiser gives you some money and that can be how much you ask while setting up a blog in Giveaway.Ly and if you accept and host any giveaway on your blog then you get paid for it. Because that giveaway widget generator gives audience to the advertiser's blog or website. And the actions which contestant needs to do are for the Advertiser's website not for ours. Once the giveaway is over, you're ready to cashout your money. You should setup PayPal as payment method or choose any other method which suits for you. And payout the money into your PayPal or into any other account and you can do this in your Giveaway.Ly dashboard. That's All.

Final Words

That was an easy process of making money online by hosting sponsored giveaways on your blog and I hope it will help newbies to understand the process of hosting sponsored giveaways. If you can't get approval at Giveaway.Ly then try to improve your traffic that can be the big fault of getting disapproved and you might get emails or contact messages if anyone wants to do sponsored giveaway on your blog. Any questions? Ask me in the comments please and also share this article with your friends. Take Care!


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