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100 Ways To Make Money Online

100 Genius Ways To Make Money Online Using Technology.This Is Our First Post Of Making Money Online.These 100 Tips Are Hint You To  Earn Money Online.

100 Ways To Earn Money Online

Love Books?

  1. Write eBooks and Sell them.
  2. Write Books and sell hard copy through a publisher.
  3. Buy Books from Good Will and Sell them on Amazon / Ebay.
  4. Buy Books from Garage Sales and Sell them on Amazon / Ebay.
  5. Review Books and Get Paid.
  6. Sell other people’s book and get referral fee.
  7. Sell your own used books on Ebay / Amazon.
  8. Sell other people’s old book on Ebay / Amazon.
100 Ways To Make Money Online ways to online Money make how to 100

Good at Writing?

  1. Write quality articles and charge per 100 words.
  2. Write essays for people.
  3. Create a blog and Write about something you like and sell ads on it.
  4. Proof Read for students. Review grammatical errors etc.
  5. Start your own content creating service.
  6. Write email templates for small start-up companies.
  7. Be a Paid Guest Author.
  8. Get Paid to Post on empty Forums.
  9. Get Paid to post on forums you regularly visit. There are some that offers cash.
  10. Get Paid to write comments on Blog.
  11. Enter Writing Contests.

Know HTML?

  1. Code templates for others as a free lancer.
  2. Make Custom Blog / Forum Templates.
  3. Make Blog / Forum Templates and release them for free with sponsor links.
  4. Create Myspace Layouts.
  5. Code templates for different scripts.
  6. Become an administrator of a site that requires few updates a week.
  7. Fix small errors on websites.
  8. Make Websites W3 valid.

Can you program?

  1. Develop a script and resell it.
  2. Develop a paid plugin for another script or platform.
  3. Develop facebook applications for other companies.
  4. Develop websites for others.
  5. Make Canned Websites – Develop a website in a specific niche and sell multiple copies of it.
  6. Edit scripts and customize it for people.

Web Industry?

  1. Buy and Sell Domains for profit.
  2. Buy and Sell websites for profit.
  3. Flip Websites.
  4. Start your own website / product.
  5. Invest in beginning online business.
  6. Start your own website and sell ads.
  7. Start an Online Store that sells products from Ebay and others.
  8. Make a website and use adsense to make money.
  9. Start some affiliate marketing. Refer people to make money.
  10. Start your own blog and sell reviews.
  11. Start a Paid Directory.
  12. Buy a site that makes money and keep it.
  13. Do directory submissions.
  14. Do social media submissions.
  15. Be a Link Builder.
  16. Be a SEO Consultant.
  17. Get Paid to Surf Websites.
  18. Data entry
  19. Take Surveys
  20. Become a Virtual Assistant – Help people find something. I know I have paid people in the past to help me find a certain script that I was looking for.
  21. Get Paid to Search – Services like Scour pays you to search.
  22. Enter contests to win the prize. Then resell the prize.
  23. Resell Web hosting. Start with a reseller. Then move on to a server if necessary. Support is required.
  24. Sub Host Forums – There are places that let you run multiple forums under a server. So start charging people to host a forum. Maybe place some ads on them if you offer it for free.
  25. Offer redirect services.
  26. Image Hosting / File Hosting – Simple upload the site and let it run.
  27. Install applications for others and charge them.
  28. Install applications for others for free and just ask them to do you a favor like Install WordPress. This website is a perfect example. They just ask the user to sign up with their partnered host and get commission from them. I can tell you that each host is atleast paying over $80 / person they refer.
  29. Start a Proxy – I wrote multiple articles about starting a proxy. They are easy to maintain and they are profitable. I have one on the side that I just let it be and it gets me good cash every month from adsense.
  30. Offer hosted emails – Just sell some emails from your domain. If any of you guys want email that says I might be able to hook you up for a fee. 100 Ways To Make Money Online ways to online Money make how to 100
  31. Offer Remote Storage – Simple just rent a server and charge for space.
  32. Provide Site Testing – Developers are always looking for site testers on webmaster forums.
  33. Buy Domains and Park them at Sedo or other parking companies.
  34. Start a domain registrar – Small one but it works.
  35. Start a Page Rank / Other site stat check. Tons of free scripts. Just upload and place ads.
  36. Provide Site uptime services. There are scripts out there to do this also.
  37. Answer Tech Questions – I know that Expertbee let people ask a question and specify a price for the answer.
  38. Sell SSL Certificates – Tucows lets you sell these and a lot other things.
  39. Start a Subscription Website – If you are someone who likes to cook and try new recipes. Start a website where you share your recipes. The ones that you try. You do your hobby while you are getting paid as well.
  40. Convert e-currency – Simple people are willing to pay you to convert money from e-gold and paypal. Have an account on both places. It is like saying they pay you 24 in paypal so you pay someone 20 on egold etc.

Good with Designing Softwares?

There is a big demand of designers on all the webmaster forum. Just open upSitepointDigitalpoint, and others and you will see.
  1. Design Website Templates and sell it.
  2. Design Logos
  3. Design Ads
  4. Design Stamps
  5. Design Signatures
  6. Design Avatars
  7. Draw Cartoons
  8. Design T-Shirts
  9. Design a Seal
  10. Design Clip Art
  11. Design Icons
  12. Edit Photos for people.
  13. Design Myspace Backgrounds.
  14. Make small edits in web templates.
  15. Make Brushes and Styles on photoshop and sell it.
  16. Enter Designing Contests.

Got other type of talent?

  1. Make your own music and sell it?
  2. Make Creative songs for other people. Such as advertising videos.
  3. Create Movies for people.
  4. Edit videos for people.
  5. Contribute your talent online, maybe your special recipe, or something else.
  6. Be an online tutor of a subject that you like.
  7. Sell instructional videos.
  8. Make your own version of ringtones, and sell them.
  9. Take good photos and sell them at stock photo sites.

Become a contractor

  1. Be a Link Broker – Sell links for others in a bundle and get commission.
  2. Forum Posting Service – Test out different people and put together a team that does the job.
  3. Help Outsourcing – If you have connections in other countries, become a communication help for other small businesses.
  4. Sell Websites and Domains for others.
  5. Refer people for jobs and get commissions.
  6. Exchange Services – Designers often get a lot of work at once. Contact some good designers and charge them 5% of the money from the money they are earning from that client. And get another designer the work and charge him 10% of the money that he will earn.

Ebay World!

I know many of you heard and read stories of people making tons of money from ebay. Well here is how you can make a small chunk.
  1. Sell your own products on ebay rather than selling it in a yard sale.
  2. Sell products for other people on ebay – There are a lot of people who don’t know how to use ebay, or don’t want to connect their bank account on ebay.
  3. Buy goods on ebay and then resell it for a decent price. (Luck matters)
  4. Buy goods elsewhere for cheap, then resell it on ebay.
  5. Sell Junk on ebay.

Don’t have conscience?

Points below are meant to be sarcastic and tell you how some people make money online. I strongly suggest that you guys DO NOT use the methods below!
  1. Do Homework for students and charge them.
  2. Make Fake Myspace Profiles, Add tons of friends using friend adder, then sell bulletins.
  3. Sell Products via email. Spam your friends! Beware if you do this to me I will really send you in spam list.
  4. Refer people to take surveys and earn commission.


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